A Social Media Guideline for small businesses.

In my experience, most small businesses still do not understand the power of social media marketing. They do not understand which platforms will work best for their business as well as how to efficiently manage those platforms. Time and resources can also contribute towards the problem. What I am saying […]

How to impress your Marketing Manager!

Landing your first proper marketing position is extremely daunting. Studying a marketing degree or diploma gives you the theoretical knowledge you need however putting your knowledge to good use within an organisation is rarely used. Often marketing managers will disregard your advice because you are in an entry level position […]

Why is website optimization so important?

You may come across business decision makers that still do not understand the value in optimizing their business website. A common statement is these individuals often use is that they do not see the return on investment. How will optimizing the website directly result in more sales? This post aims […]